World Building 2
February 3, 2018
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World Building Part 3

Hi guys.

Lets take a quick look at terrain.

Terrain, is the features that are present in your story. Most stories don’t happen on the same flat terrain all the time.
Some other terrain types to consider include; forest, city, mountains, underwater, in the sky and in space.
Each terrain type will have its own challenge to consider when writing. Mixing up the terrain can radically add new depth to your story.

Forest: In a forest the terrain is generally covered in trees. Which can make visibility less and people can ambush others. Challenges include visibility and light – light might stream through the branches of the trees and darkness might be more present. Advantages include the presence of animals and good places to let your imagination flourish. Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings are famous stories that include great forests.

City: A city terrain can be anything from a small village to that of sprawling metropolis. Challenges include creat ing good history and a purpose for the city to be there. A city needs a reason to be in that spot. It could be a great centre of trade or it could be because of great access to water made the city spring up. More on Cities later. Advantages include the easy access to help that could easily solve your character’s problems. However, this same easy access to help means that the antagonist also has access to plenty of resources. Many stories have been set in cities.

Mountains: A mountain setting can include anything from soaring peaks that touch the sky to whole ranges of mountains that seem impassable. Challenges include dealing with cold and altitude- the higher you go the harder it is to breathe. Advantages include beautiful vistas and narrow paths that force the characters into most solves problems. Lord of the Rings and Stargate both feature great mountains in their stories.

Underwater: For the underwater setting we start thinking outside the normal settings. Underwater can include anything from a small lake to the great oceans. Challenges include, air breathing and motion, because of the weight of the water motion is different underwater than it is above the water. Advantages include a great location that can be very beautiful and you can put your studies of the ocean to great use. Famous works that are set underwater include, Aquaman and the Loch Ness Monster.

Sky: The advantages of location is that there are no limitations on the range of vision until you hit the curvature of the earth. Disadvantages include gravity and lack of air at certain altitudes. Famous stories that are set in the air include Top Gun and Sky High.

Space: I save the best for last. Space has a range of challenges including cold, lack of air, and supply. Advantages include the limitless of space and the ability to let your imaginations go wild. Great stories include Space Odyssey 2001, Star Wars, Star Trek and Farscape

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