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January 13, 2018
World Building 2
February 3, 2018

Let’s start at the beginning, with world building.

Now, for those that just read, it might get a little tedious but for those that love to write, come along on a journey.

When writing, we need to know just a few things; Plot, Person, and Place. World building falls under the place. The type of story you write will be heavily influenced by the setting you place it in. However, the setting doesn’t limit the story you tell.

For instance, Star Wars and Star Treck, both take place in space but one is fantasy and the other is science fiction. Remember, you can tell any story you want in any setting you want.

Choosing a place where you set your story is the foundation of your story.

A setting in space will have different needs to consider when writing than on a planet. Many settings have some pretty basic rules that need to be considered. A few examples for space include, oxygen and food. A ship or space station has a limited amount of food and air and it needs to be considered when world building. Star Treck deals with this problem by having the replicators create food on demand, a problem that resurfaced during the Voyager series. Saying that it is possible to just simply ignore these problems like Star Wars did. Very rarely did Star Wars address the issue of food or air while telling its story.

When on planet, the air and food problem does not need to be considered as much. When an author mentions food in their work when the setting is on planet, either food is important for the characters or that it will be used as a plot point later on. Writers have a great ability to only include things that matter, anything that detracts from the telling of the story should be cut out. If food is important to the character like they are being starved, have been starved or will be starved, and that deprivation is important to the story then the writer will or should mention it.

When on a planet it is important to consider the temperature and climate. This will have an effect on the characters even if it subtle. The temperature will affect things like clothing choices, foods eaten, even conversation pieces. If the temperature is consistent then clothing might become boring and staid and not mentioning what the characters are wearing could just simply distracting to your readers. If the weather varies a lot you might end up with a lot of your characters either talking about it or having to deal with sudden shifts in the temperature.

E.g. In Stargate the team sent a probe to determine what weather conditions they would meet before heading through. The probe also evaluated other possible risks like the absence of breathable air or the possibility of threats on the other side of the wormhole.

Let me know if you have encountered any unusual stories that dealt with food, air and temperature.

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