February 4, 2017


Great ideas and great concepts are a dime a dozen. In Endgame The Calling by James Frey, I found a great concept. The concept of a game to decide the fate of humanity- a game played by players in secret with world wide consequences. The story telling was ambitions. James Frey moved quickly between several of the contestants to tell his story. The lore he created around his book was fantastic and the detail he provided and wove into his book made you feel that the book was happening right now. I found myself working over puzzle pieces in my head and trying to work out where the contestants had to go next for the next part of the game. However, I feel that he didn’t spend enough time with each character- he would switch from one character to another so quickly that I […]
January 28, 2017

Clipper Ships

Writers love to write. That is a given but what can balk a writer is ‘research’. A writer might have a particular image in their head about how some thing looks, and that is great, the trick can be making sure that they stay consistent to that image. For Fantasy writers like myself I can make up the whole space and that’s that. Why? because I am the writer; I am literally the creator of that whole universe; what I envision is law. However, most writers can’t keep a whole universe in their heads at all times. Most new writers-myself included-we take inspiration from the world around us-images we see in advertising, on the TV, in games and even from history, all over the place. When I started writing my new book ‘The Bloodwood Curse’ I wanted the first scene to be on a […]
January 22, 2017

Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor

Great storytellers have a great voice, and they also love for their readers to be immersed in the stories told. Sometimes immersion can make it tricky to tell a good story because the reader wants to get back to follow the characters that they are enjoying. The story was told in a logical matter drawing Magnus Chase into greater challenges as his skills and abilities grew. He set out to save his friend and got wrapped up trying to thwart Loki’s goal. Magnus travels all over Boston and all over the nine realms, to acquire a sword and a sharpening stone that was meant to save Magnus’s friend and the whole of the nine realms. The story was told from a linear perspective from that of the main character, Magnus Chase, but the writer was not satisfied with just telling the story that […]
January 14, 2017


My wife asked me who my greatest inspiration was for writing? I sat back about to launch into a full explanation of always wanting to write but then my wife changed the question to what inspired you to write ‘The Rosethorn Chronicles.’? I wanted to read about a family that completes a series of quests that lead the final member of the family into a titanic battle. This was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons named items quests. The concept was that as a character you needed to go on a quest to find set pieces or unique items. This sort of details is beloved by dungeon masters as it adds to the story that they can tell by weaving subtle hints to the whereabouts of said items. This can then either fracture a group as quest objectives can suddenly become competing. When I played, […]