July 9, 2017

Naming your books

This might seem a strange thing to talk about but I must confess a little problem I have had when marketing my book. When it came to my first book ‘The Mind Hack’ I spent a whole night, sitting around the table with my wife, jotting down book name ideas. We came up with some really bizarre titles for my book. It was the first time I had put a name to my work. It was nerve-wrecking to say the least. However, the result was an abject failure. What I failed to do, and what I highly recommend that you do is to check your name out on the platform on which you want to sell your book. The reasons I didn’t do it is because I wasn’t–at that time–writing to publish on Amazon. I was writing for a competition, one that I […]
May 21, 2017

Roast Rabbit Dinner

Leanne watched as another rabbit dashed out of a hole under the tree and ate some of the fallen cherries and then disappeared back under ground. She stuck a finger into her mouth and pulled it out. Then she raised the finger and felt for the gentle breeze that wafted over the creek, it was coming from the cherry tree. Leanne smiled to herself and then creeped slowly over to towards the cherry tree. She carefully checked every step watching out for twigs and dead leaves, careful not to step into the running creek. Once at the island she shed her white robe and lay it aside. her body chilled as the breeze cooled her sweat covered skin. Supressing a shudder she cast her eyes over the base of the tree and found it, a small hole sitting under a root and partially […]
May 14, 2017

Descent into the forest

Sweat beaded on Leanne’s brow and she started down the left path and descended into the darkness. The shrubbery became thicker, wider purple leaves mixing with the thin green leaves, blocking out the blue sunlight, she stopped sweating and her body cooled. The path narrowed as the ferns and bushes grew thicker as she descended down further away from the boys and her competition. The babbling sound of rushing water over rocks came in faintly, and Leanne sighed with relief. The path wound its way down the side of the hill and changed from light grass to dirt then to cold stones. The sound of rushing water grew louder. A gentle smell of cherries wafted over Leanne’s nose Leanne sneezed. She breathed deeply filling her lungs listening to the sounds around her, the air tickled her nose. She sneezed again. What is going on? Her […]
May 7, 2017

Forest Path

Leanne stood beside Barry and Greg in the entrance room, all of them dressed in the same white long sleeved tunic, that came down to their knees with a series of five buttons down the front. The room was washed in a white light and highly polished white walls and floor. They faced three air locks that took them out to the outside. The area around just outside this room led the arena of Mayors. Each new Mayor was chosen through this process, all applicants where put to the test and those that survived and came out victorious became the next Mayor. Leanne’s family had won the challenge five times in a row. Barry and Greg were her challengers selected from the population that the computer had selected as either a potential mate or as a replacement. “This challenge will determine your fitness […]