sailing ship

January 28, 2017

Clipper Ships

Writers love to write. That is a given but what can balk a writer is ‘research’. A writer might have a particular image in their head about how some thing looks, and that is great, the trick can be making sure that they stay consistent to that image. For Fantasy writers like myself I can make up the whole space and that’s that. Why? because I am the writer; I am literally the creator of that whole universe; what I envision is law. However, most writers can’t keep a whole universe in their heads at all times. Most new writers-myself included-we take inspiration from the world around us-images we see in advertising, on the TV, in games and even from history, all over the place. When I started writing my new book ‘The Bloodwood Curse’ I wanted the first scene to be on a […]
October 7, 2016

Why are they here?

While writing my first book ‘The Mind Hack’, I wrote the characters doing something and rarely gave the reader a reason as to why they did that. The reader loves to see the reasons why the characters turn left instead of right or play a certain game or whatever. When it came to editing my book, the editor picked up on this and asked me to put more reasons for their actions into the story. At first this was quite hard, but as I did it more and more I began to see my story open up and take on new depth. My characters suddenly became alive in my own head and in the minds of my beta readers. My characters now tell me the reasons for what they do. They have come alive that I have to write just so that I can see […]