July 6, 2017

Pantser or Plotter?

With my second book now nearly completed, I am starting to think about the way in which I write and if there is a way I can improve it for the next time. My current process is a little planning and then filling in the details by the seat of my pants a little latter on. Here are the steps I follow at the moment: 1) Come up with a story line and write it in a simple sentence, for example, from the Bloodwood Curse: Akuchi finds a special sword. 2) Map out a series of steps that need to happen to bring that story to life. I ask myself: Where do I want this to happen? How does he get the sword? Why is he where he is to find the sword? Why did he leave home? What would prevent him from […]
October 7, 2016

Why are they here?

While writing my first book ‘The Mind Hack’, I wrote the characters doing something and rarely gave the reader a reason as to why they did that. The reader loves to see the reasons why the characters turn left instead of right or play a certain game or whatever. When it came to editing my book, the editor picked up on this and asked me to put more reasons for their actions into the story. At first this was quite hard, but as I did it more and more I began to see my story open up and take on new depth. My characters suddenly became alive in my own head and in the minds of my beta readers. My characters now tell me the reasons for what they do. They have come alive that I have to write just so that I can see […]