February 11, 2017

Favourite five romances from Science Fiction and Fantasy

My favourite romance stories, in Science Fiction and Fatasy Science fiction and Fantasy is full of wonderful adventures that captivate our imagination and keep us turning the pages, but they are also populated with people that have relationships. Many of the relationships are secondary to the real story going on around them. Still others are only found in back stories to other books. So in honour of Valentines Day I have compiled a short list of my favourite and heart wrenching romances that I have found most endearing in Science fiction and fantasy. I hope to create a romance that is at least this good. Han Solo and Princess Leia  – Star Wars This one is a true romance spanning three movies that touched my heart that despite the odds and a little bit of hostility they came together. Han Solo a rogue […]
January 1, 2017

Why I chose to write.

Many writers have been asked what motived them to write? and where their ideas come from? To the latter question, I can provide a tangible – if not- satisfactory answer. My ideas just come to me. I might be sleeping and have a really good dream, and I it sparks off a series of questions in my mind that I then try and solve. I might ask: what would happen if….? Or what would this look like? Then my mind goes into overdrive and I start picturing several different answers to those questions. Then, I would select an answer and from there a story begins to form. However, to the first question as to what began the journey, that is a longer story. My mother tells me that I didn’t even like to read when I was younger. It was a book that […]