October 22, 2017

Eirnland – Kathryn Berryman

Kathryn Berryman’s Eirnland for me was a mixture of emotions. I will admit upfront that this book was not for me, as it is not my normal fair for reading. As Kathryn is a friend of mine I pushed through the book and I will now give you my honest opinion. Eirnland started off slow, it set up the two major characters in opposite directions and then proceeded to add more characters. For me this was a little frustrating as I either wanted the writer to go back to the character she had just set up and done a wonderful job of making me like them. Kathryn does a wonderful job of painting vivid locations that I could almost touch with her words, at times I wished she would get on with the fighting. I was rewarded or my faith with a battle […]
July 6, 2017

Pantser or Plotter?

With my second book now nearly completed, I am starting to think about the way in which I write and if there is a way I can improve it for the next time. My current process is a little planning and then filling in the details by the seat of my pants a little latter on. Here are the steps I follow at the moment: 1) Come up with a story line and write it in a simple sentence, for example, from the Bloodwood Curse: Akuchi finds a special sword. 2) Map out a series of steps that need to happen to bring that story to life. I ask myself: Where do I want this to happen? How does he get the sword? Why is he where he is to find the sword? Why did he leave home? What would prevent him from […]
April 13, 2017

Sparking Imagination Again

I remain quite impressed by the artist Lisana Gabriella‎ especially her work in the Science Fiction genre. This weeks images, featured to the left, depicts a cyborg woman sitting on her bed surrounded by computers and guns. Apart from being strikingly beautiful this woman has, like before raised many questions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, here, questions can lead the imagination down some incredible paths. The discussion around this particular picture mentioned the obligatory amazement at the artists work and skill. A few dared to talk about the fact that she had a collection of guns not just on the wall but on the bed with her. What struck me was that she was connected to either the computer or the gun by two wires that came out of her lower arm. Both her arms and seem to be mechanical in nature however at the joining of skin to machine it seems rather smooth, […]
April 6, 2017

Sparking your imagination

There are some great artists out there. I am always amazed at the mind of an artist. I came across Lisana Gabriella while on Facebook and the caption that she put on it really triggered off a series of great questions in mind. Lisana said that the picture depicted space faring amazons. My first question was would space faring amazons really look like that? For starters they are naked, the buildings in the background are domes that are strengthened by honeycomb struts. Two answers sprung into my mind, space is cold but without wind resistance the shape of the buildings would matter little, if they were the landing craft. Another idea sprung to my mind, what if they where not space farers, but these where the amazons at home, they are most certainly alien. It could be that they the women are those […]