May 21, 2017

Roast Rabbit Dinner

Leanne watched as another rabbit dashed out of a hole under the tree and ate some of the fallen cherries and then disappeared back under ground. She stuck a finger into her mouth and pulled it out. Then she raised the finger and felt for the gentle breeze that wafted over the creek, it was coming from the cherry tree. Leanne smiled to herself and then creeped slowly over to towards the cherry tree. She carefully checked every step watching out for twigs and dead leaves, careful not to step into the running creek. Once at the island she shed her white robe and lay it aside. her body chilled as the breeze cooled her sweat covered skin. Supressing a shudder she cast her eyes over the base of the tree and found it, a small hole sitting under a root and partially […]
April 13, 2017

Sparking Imagination Again

I remain quite impressed by the artist Lisana Gabriella‎ especially her work in the Science Fiction genre. This weeks images, featured to the left, depicts a cyborg woman sitting on her bed surrounded by computers and guns. Apart from being strikingly beautiful this woman has, like before raised many questions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, here, questions can lead the imagination down some incredible paths. The discussion around this particular picture mentioned the obligatory amazement at the artists work and skill. A few dared to talk about the fact that she had a collection of guns not just on the wall but on the bed with her. What struck me was that she was connected to either the computer or the gun by two wires that came out of her lower arm. Both her arms and seem to be mechanical in nature however at the joining of skin to machine it seems rather smooth, […]
December 5, 2016

Emotional Stories.

Today, I would like to talk about dealing with character emotions. It is said that a good writer will have experienced a wide range of emotions from deep hate to running over with joy and love. I would have to disagree. Many writers have learned to write great emotions without having experienced them. However I do believe that a good writer does need to at least feel a certain sort of empathy for their characters. A writer needs to understand the motivation behind their characters emotions to really tell the story of that emotion. In my first book, ‘The Mind Hack’, my character gets confused about what is real and what is not real. I haven’t experienced that particular emotion myself, but I understand why my character felt as he did. I knew my character, and understood what was important for him. In […]
October 7, 2016

Why are they here?

While writing my first book ‘The Mind Hack’, I wrote the characters doing something and rarely gave the reader a reason as to why they did that. The reader loves to see the reasons why the characters turn left instead of right or play a certain game or whatever. When it came to editing my book, the editor picked up on this and asked me to put more reasons for their actions into the story. At first this was quite hard, but as I did it more and more I began to see my story open up and take on new depth. My characters suddenly became alive in my own head and in the minds of my beta readers. My characters now tell me the reasons for what they do. They have come alive that I have to write just so that I can see […]