February 3, 2018

World Building 2

Hi guys, lets continue looking at world building. If your story has a large group of people living and working in an small area, commonly referred to as a community. A form of governance will need to be considered, especially if the main characters are going to live and work in that setting. For most stories the assumption that there is an authority is enough for the story to progress. However there might be a case when your character either is, becomes, or contends with the authority established in your book. The type of authority that is present in your setting needs to be at the very least considered so that you at least know what sort of response is reasonable for the authority. There are two extreme poles of response the oppressive and the enlightened. The oppressive will come down hard on […]
January 29, 2018

World Building 1

Let’s start at the beginning, with world building. Now, for those that just read, it might get a little tedious but for those that love to write, come along on a journey. When writing, we need to know just a few things; Plot, Person, and Place. World building falls under the place. The type of story you write will be heavily influenced by the setting you place it in. However, the setting doesn’t limit the story you tell. For instance, Star Wars and Star Treck, both take place in space but one is fantasy and the other is science fiction. Remember, you can tell any story you want in any setting you want. Choosing a place where you set your story is the foundation of your story. A setting in space will have different needs to consider when writing than on a planet. […]
September 16, 2017

Onomatopoeia and other sounds

Hi guys. Yep you read it right today we will be talking Onomatopoeia is a word that phonetically imitates the sound that is being used to describe. This particular type of sounds are most common in graphic novels or comics. We all know them big white spaces with jagged lines that contain words like; biff pow and smack. These sorts of words don’t get nearly as much attention in novels that they do in their comic friends. they are reported much differently I heard a loud crash from the kitchen. Bob was startled by a loud crash from the kitchen. A loud crash in the kitchen caused bob jump to his feet. Sounds have a more personal attention in books then they do in comics, for a better reason. Most of the time the writer links a emotional reaction to the sound when there […]
September 9, 2017

What does it smell like?

Hi guys, In keeping with our current theme of the senses, let me talk to you about how smell is addressed in a narrative. Now, smell is important; not as important as say the sense of sight and the sense of hearing. When a writer wants to build in a sense of smell into their world they approach it in two different ways: He smelt her perfume wafting over the room. He smelt the slight smell of flowers in the air. Each way has its merits and its drawbacks. The first one uses our own knowledge of the sense of smell and calls upon our own remembrance of what that the thing smells like. “He could smell bacon in the house”, “The smell of sweat hung in the air”. This approach works best when the setting is familiar to the audience. If your […]