March 18, 2017

Level 3 stories

I have talked about stories that run over the length of many books, and even stories that have run over just one book, but what about characters that only get a tiny mention? Characters that only appear because all your other characters are doing other things, like being heroic. These characters can have their own backstories, hopes, dreams and ambitions. They play only a small part in the story that you are telling, but that doesn’t mean that they should be cardboard cut-outs. I know you don’t want to give too much attention to these characters because it could detract from the main characters and the story. These characters should have stories and have their own motivations. It doesn’t have to be greatly fleshed out with its own book, but don’t chop your own legs off by surrounding your main characters with plastic or […]
October 15, 2016


Foreshadowing, is putting something into the book that is not yet needed, but you want the reader to notice something before it happens. The most simplest form is having the narrator of the story tell the reader that something is going to happen and will happen soon. For example: Sally did not notice the man behind her move as she ran around the block. This example is an example of foreshadowing, the reader now notices something that Sally does not notice, the shadow man to follow her. It could indicate the fact that she is about to have someone jump out and scare her or attack her. This example while it provides the reader with critical information to the story breaks the reader from the immersion of which I think can be quite sloppy. We have all read books that have done this. A better way to foreshadow […]