April 13, 2017

Sparking Imagination Again

I remain quite impressed by the artist Lisana Gabriella‎ especially her work in the Science Fiction genre. This weeks images, featured to the left, depicts a cyborg woman sitting on her bed surrounded by computers and guns. Apart from being strikingly beautiful this woman has, like before raised many questions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, here, questions can lead the imagination down some incredible paths. The discussion around this particular picture mentioned the obligatory amazement at the artists work and skill. A few dared to talk about the fact that she had a collection of guns not just on the wall but on the bed with her. What struck me was that she was connected to either the computer or the gun by two wires that came out of her lower arm. Both her arms and seem to be mechanical in nature however at the joining of skin to machine it seems rather smooth, […]
April 6, 2017

Sparking your imagination

There are some great artists out there. I am always amazed at the mind of an artist. I came across Lisana Gabriella while on Facebook and the caption that she put on it really triggered off a series of great questions in mind. Lisana said that the picture depicted space faring amazons. My first question was would space faring amazons really look like that? For starters they are naked, the buildings in the background are domes that are strengthened by honeycomb struts. Two answers sprung into my mind, space is cold but without wind resistance the shape of the buildings would matter little, if they were the landing craft. Another idea sprung to my mind, what if they where not space farers, but these where the amazons at home, they are most certainly alien. It could be that they the women are those […]
March 18, 2017

Level 3 stories

I have talked about stories that run over the length of many books, and even stories that have run over just one book, but what about characters that only get a tiny mention? Characters that only appear because all your other characters are doing other things, like being heroic. These characters can have their own backstories, hopes, dreams and ambitions. They play only a small part in the story that you are telling, but that doesn’t mean that they should be cardboard cut-outs. I know you don’t want to give too much attention to these characters because it could detract from the main characters and the story. These characters should have stories and have their own motivations. It doesn’t have to be greatly fleshed out with its own book, but don’t chop your own legs off by surrounding your main characters with plastic or […]
January 28, 2017

Clipper Ships

Writers love to write. That is a given but what can balk a writer is ‘research’. A writer might have a particular image in their head about how some thing looks, and that is great, the trick can be making sure that they stay consistent to that image. For Fantasy writers like myself I can make up the whole space and that’s that. Why? because I am the writer; I am literally the creator of that whole universe; what I envision is law. However, most writers can’t keep a whole universe in their heads at all times. Most new writers-myself included-we take inspiration from the world around us-images we see in advertising, on the TV, in games and even from history, all over the place. When I started writing my new book ‘The Bloodwood Curse’ I wanted the first scene to be on a […]