April 13, 2017

Sparking Imagination Again

I remain quite impressed by the artist Lisana Gabriella‎ especially her work in the Science Fiction genre. This weeks images, featured to the left, depicts a cyborg woman sitting on her bed surrounded by computers and guns. Apart from being strikingly beautiful this woman has, like before raised many questions. As I mentioned in an earlier post, here, questions can lead the imagination down some incredible paths. The discussion around this particular picture mentioned the obligatory amazement at the artists work and skill. A few dared to talk about the fact that she had a collection of guns not just on the wall but on the bed with her. What struck me was that she was connected to either the computer or the gun by two wires that came out of her lower arm. Both her arms and seem to be mechanical in nature however at the joining of skin to machine it seems rather smooth, […]
February 18, 2017

Changing plans, a story on Editing

Every single writer that I have spoken to, does not speak about the editing process with any sort of relish. They all enjoy the writing process and the creating process but none I have spoken to have said that they enjoy the editing process. All writers know that the editing process is important. For me I would say that editing is about 70% of the production process. All writers know that we need editors and the editing process. I would be a bad author if I just published the first draft of my book and said it was complete. Everyone who would read my work would send me hate filled messages about having to wade through sticky sentences, poor grammar and even worse punctuation – that is just the things I am willing to tell you about. While creating ‘The Bloodwood Curse’, I […]
January 1, 2017

Why I chose to write.

Many writers have been asked what motived them to write? and where their ideas come from? To the latter question, I can provide a tangible – if not- satisfactory answer. My ideas just come to me. I might be sleeping and have a really good dream, and I it sparks off a series of questions in my mind that I then try and solve. I might ask: what would happen if….? Or what would this look like? Then my mind goes into overdrive and I start picturing several different answers to those questions. Then, I would select an answer and from there a story begins to form. However, to the first question as to what began the journey, that is a longer story. My mother tells me that I didn’t even like to read when I was younger. It was a book that […]
December 11, 2016

Bipolar teachers – Stories From China 1

Hi all. I recently posted a video on Facebook here asking people what they would like to see on this site. So today in response to the commenters that took the time to respond to the video I will be sharing a story from China. Firstly, I took a job as an English teacher in China, so this story goes out to all the other teachers and English teachers in China. A little background: the classroom size is huge with nearly 50 students in each class. The school we teach at wanted to experiment with class sizes and used Petua’s and my classes to experiment with. So, I have my 25 students and I am trying to teach them basic English, the students are year one and some of them can be very cute. At one point during a lesson I was telling the […]