January 1, 2017

Why I chose to write.

Many writers have been asked what motived them to write? and where their ideas come from? To the latter question, I can provide a tangible – if not- satisfactory answer. My ideas just come to me. I might be sleeping and have a really good dream, and I it sparks off a series of questions in my mind that I then try and solve. I might ask: what would happen if….? Or what would this look like? Then my mind goes into overdrive and I start picturing several different answers to those questions. Then, I would select an answer and from there a story begins to form. However, to the first question as to what began the journey, that is a longer story. My mother tells me that I didn’t even like to read when I was younger. It was a book that […]
November 15, 2016


When writing a book, many people will advise putting a theme into the story. For example, you might want to talk about ‘Redemption of a character’, or discuss societies flaws or strengths. In my first book, ‘The Mind Hack’ I look at virtual reality. I look at what would happen if the line between reality and the virtual got blurred to the point where you couldn’t tell them apart. For me, this was a theme that I talked about as the purpose of the story. As I wrote a secondary theme emerged. I will let you read the story before I tell you what the secondary theme is. Leave me a comment with what you think the secondary theme is. I believe a theme can be helpful in creating discussion about the book and helping the writer talk about the book.. What if […]