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November 27, 2017
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Finding the Time

Hello fellow writers and readers, I hope your Christmas and your New year plans went off well.

I spent the time with my family missing my extended family as is always the case, I can’t be everywhere at once. Keeping track of someone like that on social media would be quite a challenge.

This year I am planning on starting many new projects, but my old time commitments have also not disappeared so where does one find the time to add new projects and still keep up with prior commitments. We need to find the time. Time is an interesting subject for a writer and a blogger as it the time required to complete something can vary depending on how much research one needs to do for a subject and how much we have personally experienced the topic we are discussing.

My wife listened to a Ted talk last year and was challenged to say yes more often than no, and being the type of woman she is she has passed on that enthusiasm to me, so as the new year takes off I find myself with several new projects that I didn’t expect last year when I was working out what I would accomplish this year.
To talk about the way I allocate my time I need to let you know of the projects that I will be involved with this year, well the projects I know about so far.
I want to have 2 books published this year. I am planning to finally publish “The Bloodwood Curse” in July this year keep some space free for that.
I have also agreed to help a friend set up his business by creating some product for his website to sell. I am not at liberty to give away to much details on that.
I am also looking to start my masters program either this year in August or in February next year. But I don’t want my fans to be with out the a book for “The Rosethorn Chronicles” so I want to have those extra books to be ready to go and release them in a steady stream to you my public. ‘I am a river to my people.
Lastly I want to keep this blog running consistently throughout next year providing insightful and meaningful content for you.
This is all on top of raising a small child and working full time.
How do I ‘Find the time’?

This is my process it is not the only way to do it. I share with you my process, not to boast about me but to help you work out how to find the time so that you also may become successful.

Step 1) Create a list of all the things that you need to accomplish in a given time frame. A year works best for the this sample.
Step 2) Prioritize the projects form most important to least important.
Step 3) Know yourself, this bit may seem a little strange, but how do you ensure that you get your jobs done. Personally I find a suitable reward for the end of a project, Once you have completed a task reward yourself, I find sitting down and watching some Netflicks or Youtube a great motivator.
Step 4) Break down your projects into smaller day sized tasks. Work out what is a reasonable task for each day, in this way then you will know when a project is expected to be finished.
Step 5) Get someone to help you stay on target. Having someone hold the keys to your reward means that you have to prove to them that you have done what you agreed to do before you can have your reward. Once a project is finished take a bigger reward, so for each day I allow myself to write for an hour and I reward myself with a 15minute video when I have completed my tasks for the whole day I relax for the rest of the day.
Step 6) Feel proud of what you have accomplished. It is okay to feel proud in your accomplishments small or great. From small things big things grow.
Step 7) Be flexible. Not everyday goes by with each marker achieved sometimes we have set backs and that is okay.

I hope I have helped you, I hope that with this example you can understand how to complete your projects. Give my idea a go or try your own.

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