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Eirnland – Kathryn Berryman

Kathryn Berryman’s Eirnland for me was a mixture of emotions.

I will admit upfront that this book was not for me, as it is not my normal fair for reading. As Kathryn is a friend of mine I pushed through the book and I will now give you my honest opinion.

Eirnland started off slow, it set up the two major characters in opposite directions and then proceeded to add more characters. For me this was a little frustrating as I either wanted the writer to go back to the character she had just set up and done a wonderful job of making me like them.

Kathryn does a wonderful job of painting vivid locations that I could almost touch with her words, at times I wished she would get on with the fighting. I was rewarded or my faith with a battle that surpassed my longings gave me a happy buzz of satisfaction. When the big fight came, and you knew it was coming, it was great with people dying all over the place and the heroes being true to themselves. The heroes reacted as you would imagine they would from the great character building that she did throughout the book.

On top of this, she did a great job of mixing her story into the law of the country and making the characters feel like they were actually becoming the law rather than echoing it.

This book was not to my taste but if you love great vivid locations and wonderfully created characters that you can invest in, this is the book for you.

I give it a 3/5

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