Finding the Time
January 6, 2018
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Challenge Accepted.

The other day my wife challenged me to a feat that will take quite a bit out of me.

It wasn’t difficult or gross. It was simple a challenge of discipline. Last week I spoke about the need to be rigid in our timing of certain projects so that when the new year rolls around again we can have that great sense of looking back over our year and say to yourself ‘I did it, it was tough but I accomplished great things for me this year.’

My wife raised the stakes and made me consider really how much I could accomplish over the year if I gave up some of my free time.

With great sacrifice comes great opportunity. I will keep you posted on the progress of how things are going with my challenge in later blogs.

For each accomplishment there is one daunting task that makes anyone that hasn’t completed it admire those that have. For those that want to be writers, it is the sheer volume of words that is needed for a book and depending on genre it can vary from sixty thousand words to one hundred thousand.

Many people can tell a story, even recount one that they have heard before. What sets a person who dreams about being a writer and a writer is not books published, it is simply putting pen to paper or fingers to keys. If you are reading this and wanting to write and not knowing what to write don’t worry, just write something, even if you rewrite a book you love. Get into the practice of writing. You can’t publish what others have created but the ability to produce words everyday is more important.

Write every day, even if it is merely ten words. If your wrote ten words a day for a month you will have three hundred words. From small things big things go. If you wrote a thousand words a day you will have thirty thousand words by the end of the month.

Write don’t edit, the two practices are mutually exclusive. Editing kills creativity.

If you want to be a writer write. Writers write, just like teachers teach, runners run and jumpers jump. Do what it is that you want to become. 

I challenge you to set an ambitious goal for your writing.

Above it all keep reading.


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