April 6, 2017

Sparking your imagination

There are some great artists out there. I am always amazed at the mind of an artist. I came across Lisana Gabriella while on Facebook and the caption that she put on it really triggered off a series of great questions in mind. Lisana said that the picture depicted space faring amazons. My first question was would space faring amazons really look like that? For starters they are naked, the buildings in the background are domes that are strengthened by honeycomb struts. Two answers sprung into my mind, space is cold but without wind resistance the shape of the buildings would matter little, if they were the landing craft. Another idea sprung to my mind, what if they where not space farers, but these where the amazons at home, they are most certainly alien. It could be that they the women are those […]
March 27, 2017

7 steps to creativity.

When you think of a great writer or artist there are two types people to think about. Firstly, the great person that produced one piece of art or literature that touched them deeply, secondly people think about the great person that produced many great works, so much so that they created a whole genre or dominated a genre that their name become so well known that they became the genre. How did they do it? They had creativity and industry. I know creative types hate the concept of industry, citing that it kills creativity. I say that’s wrong. Creativity should fuel industry and here is why. 1) Creativity needs inspiration. Good artists and writers need inspiration. Everyone knows that, but you don’t need to look far for inspiration. Inspiration hides under rocks and on people, in movies and other books. For me, I see inspiration for […]
March 18, 2017

Level 3 stories

I have talked about stories that run over the length of many books, and even stories that have run over just one book, but what about characters that only get a tiny mention? Characters that only appear because all your other characters are doing other things, like being heroic. These characters can have their own backstories, hopes, dreams and ambitions. They play only a small part in the story that you are telling, but that doesn’t mean that they should be cardboard cut-outs. I know you don’t want to give too much attention to these characters because it could detract from the main characters and the story. These characters should have stories and have their own motivations. It doesn’t have to be greatly fleshed out with its own book, but don’t chop your own legs off by surrounding your main characters with plastic or […]
March 11, 2017

Stories real and bizzare

Stories have the potential to change the way in which we see the world. I came across a story in my news feed, Found here, that captured my imagination and was a pleasure to read.  The story tells of a beggar in England in the early 1800’s that told a fanciful story of a woman that said she was a foreigner from the Island of Javasu. Her story was found out but the her true story affected some of the listeners to the point that they helped her. It shows that while a made up story requires great details and lots of practice before they are told. Having the very best story is great but if you can’t keep the details straight people will see through it and call you on it. Things are a little different today with authors and the telling of their stories, […]