August 3, 2017

Book Review: From Dusk

M.G. Ryan wrote a sweet story about a teen who goes on holiday and is attacked by a thing out of her nightmares – a vampire. In a random spurt of terror and fear, she runs in a random direction and just so happens to meet people that can not only help her come to grips with her incident but also reveal her to be a special prophesied Vampire hunter. The story is sweet and I really liked the strong uncompromising strong woman hero. Her style could do with some improvement, she constantly switched between first person direct point of view to first person omniscient point of view, this had a detrimental impact on the enjoyment of the story. Through out the story we were looking for two other members of the vampire hunting team; a prophet and a protector. I felt that whatever […]
July 17, 2017

Book Review Brianna: Kinght

Reading this book was like stepping into a world that offered so much. Brianna: Knight Fablelands book 2, is a short story.  I expected great things from Samuel Colbran and he delivered. His short story had a very obvious plot that he executed wonderfully. His character is chained to a wall, through out the whole story I kept asking “how is she going to get out of this situation”. The concept that Samuel has is masterfully woven into the modern world, and at the same time hints at another world just below the surface. I constantly wanted the story to hurry up and move to this other world, I would love to see more by him. I felt that the story was only half finished. 5/5 Keep reading. Peter
July 10, 2017

Book Review: The Subjects Aim.

P.R. Castle expertly weaves emotion and science together, creating a deep sense of two women who have been trapped in a science experiment. Each subject given unique powers, they must master their powers first to escape the lab that is their prison and then to survive. Subject A given the power to read people’s minds must learn to cope with the noise from our everyday thoughts, she must learn how to either focus on one person or learn to block them out. Subject B given the power to merge into liquid form must fight with the soul crushing fear and the righteous anger that help her control her physical state. With deep point of view P.R. Castle rushes you along from one emotion to another as you ride the roller coaster that are Subject A and Subject B’s lives. Ride along with them […]
July 9, 2017

Naming your books

This might seem a strange thing to talk about but I must confess a little problem I have had when marketing my book. When it came to my first book ‘The Mind Hack’ I spent a whole night, sitting around the table with my wife, jotting down book name ideas. We came up with some really bizarre titles for my book. It was the first time I had put a name to my work. It was nerve-wrecking to say the least. However, the result was an abject failure. What I failed to do, and what I highly recommend that you do is to check your name out on the platform on which you want to sell your book. The reasons I didn’t do it is because I wasn’t–at that time–writing to publish on Amazon. I was writing for a competition, one that I […]