November 5, 2016

Challenging expectations.

I saw this post and thought of responding to the normal comments that accompanies a partially naked person, but I thought I would better be able to make my point here with more clarity than on my phone. In my current book I am writing “The Bloodwood Curse” there is mention to a whole society where nude is normal and clothing is the exception rather than the rule.  In the picture that was not titled where there is no background information apart from what is in the picture, I noticed that; she is atop a very high tower, and below is a picture of farmland. The farmland extends to the horizon, and another tall spire can be seen, the engine itself is not a complete jet engine more an intake valve, the engine itself looks like it would redistribute the air being drawn in in many different directions so […]
October 15, 2016


Foreshadowing, is putting something into the book that is not yet needed, but you want the reader to notice something before it happens. The most simplest form is having the narrator of the story tell the reader that something is going to happen and will happen soon. For example: Sally did not notice the man behind her move as she ran around the block. This example is an example of foreshadowing, the reader now notices something that Sally does not notice, the shadow man to follow her. It could indicate the fact that she is about to have someone jump out and scare her or attack her. This example while it provides the reader with critical information to the story breaks the reader from the immersion of which I think can be quite sloppy. We have all read books that have done this. A better way to foreshadow […]
October 7, 2016

Why are they here?

While writing my first book ‘The Mind Hack’, I wrote the characters doing something and rarely gave the reader a reason as to why they did that. The reader loves to see the reasons why the characters turn left instead of right or play a certain game or whatever. When it came to editing my book, the editor picked up on this and asked me to put more reasons for their actions into the story. At first this was quite hard, but as I did it more and more I began to see my story open up and take on new depth. My characters suddenly became alive in my own head and in the minds of my beta readers. My characters now tell me the reasons for what they do. They have come alive that I have to write just so that I can see […]
September 16, 2016

Imaginative creation

Writing is a form of expression. In my mind, I see writing as the purest form of expression – it can be harsh and it can be beautiful. The ultimate form of expression is in the form of writing fiction. I know nonfiction has its place, don’t get me wrong but to me nonfiction merely records in various forms or another. Fiction, however, is creating something from nothing, the ultimate form of creation. The task that presents itself to all fiction writers is; how to make your creation or your imagination a tangible entity a living breathing thing. How does someone take that which is unseen or only seen in your own mind and put it onto paper? I can’t speak for everyone but the way I do it is to have a scene play in my head over and over again. Then […]