September 1, 2016

Fun with Names

I read a lot and the one thing that I have noticed in the stories that I have read is that the characters all have very similar names. Now it’s really cool to have your own name in the book, but when names in books are the same names that many people are called, what fun is that? There are some exceptions to this and those names stay with you. I can still remember F’lar and Lessa from Dragons Flight by Anne Macaffery. The reason behind this is two-fold. The fact that I read all the books that these characters were in at least five times is one thing but also because their names where so different as to evoke an image in your mind that sings of the exotic. I very much doubt that I would remember them as well if their names had been […]
July 11, 2016

Level 1 Overarching Story

I have a setting; I even have in mind some ideas as to what the history of this place could be. In my research, I found that I needed a story that spans the book. Do I tell a standalone story where one book is one story cover to cover? Or do I create a story that spans a series? If so, how many books should it be? I love playing Role-playing games- Dungeons and Dragons being one of my favourite games. In Dungeons and Dragons, you can have these quests to acquire a certain item or sets of items. A set item is normally really powerful that becomes more powerful when you combine it with another piece of the set. The more pieces a set item has the stronger the character becomes. I could make each piece of the set a story […]
June 6, 2016

A Map full of Ideas

When I read fantasy, I always like to have a map in the front cover. If the author hasn’t put a map in the cover I feel that there is something missing in the story. When I look at the map, I like to see how close other locations are compared to others. For example, when I was reading the late Anne McCraffery’s book Dragon Flight there is a scene where she explains the conquest of one holder of several nearby holders. When this happened I flicked back to the front and checked out the map. I have read that book several times after and I do the same thing every time. I always prefer her books with a map in them. So when it was time to write my first fantasy book, I was convinced that a map was a good idea. […]