About Peter

I am a Brisbane based Author with a passion to share stories, and to tell great stories. I love reading and my childhood is filled with the greats of Anne McCaffery, Ton Clancy, Tolkin and James Clavell.

My first book the ‘The Mind Hack’, a short novella that was submitted to the Griffith Review Novella competition. A science fiction novel, set in New York. Having completed ‘The Mind Hack’ I found myself as a writer and discovered a great passion for creative writing.

‘The Mind Hack’ now published on Amazon.com, I was blown away by the results, I am truly touched by the reactions that people have given to me.

Now working on my second book ‘The Bloodwood Curse’ I am finding a new passion for creating new worlds and new places. I love creating evocative scenes and people that stay in the minds of my readers.

‘The Bloodwood Curse’ is the first of eight books, a series called ‘The Rosethorn Chronicles.’